• Author: Guilhem Marchand
  • First release published in October 2018
  • Purposes:

The ITSI module for Apache Kafka end to end monitoring leverages the best components to provide a key layer monitoring for your Kafka infrastructure :

The ITSI module provides a native and builtin integration with Splunk and ITSI:

  • Builtin entities discovery for Zookeeper servers, Kafka brokers, Kafka connect nodes, Kafka connect source and sink tasks, Kafka-monitor, Kafka topics, Kafka Consumers, Confluent schema-registry/ksql-servers/kafka-rest
  • Services templates and KPI base searches for Zookeeper, Kafka brokers, Kafka connect and source/sink tasks, Kafka LinkedIn monitor, Kafka topics, Kafka Consumers Lag monitoring, Confluent schema-registry
  • Rich entity health views to manage Operating System metrics ingested in the Splunk metric store